Monday, May 31, 2010

inspiration #16: nieces.

omigosh. bless me blog-world for i have sinned, my last blog post was almost a month ago...

well, forgive me, and trust me: i'm back.

here's a little teaser of some of the lovely ladies that will be involved in our big event (mind you these are photos from when MAE was still too little to frolic, AND these are simply the little ladies from MY side of the fam... J has his fair share that will be involved as well...):

(ALSO. i cannot wait for the reveal where they all get to meet t. curl)

lane rose. andie-girl. mini-mads.


lane rose.

madison anne.

madison and sister morgan. morgie will provide the kermit impressions throughout the event.

stay tuned. i promise at least 3 posts/week as my penance....