Thursday, March 11, 2010

a word from the groom #1: nerd humor.

kathryn loves this song. i love lotr.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shoe envy #2


wouldn't these be dreamy with that a. mcqueen gown? just saying...

i have a mid-week adventure with a couple of the girls planned tomorrow afternoon. we are heading to the english department in pdx. might even slip into a couple of things for ideas' sake. it's a dreamy little shop in sw, featuring local designer Elizabeth Dye as well as several nyc/la designers. should be funsies.

inspiration #8: alexander mcqueen on gilt

[possible spoiler alert -- JEFFREY IF YOU ARE READING THIS, STOP IMMEDIATELY. LIKE, RIGHT NOW. no, i am NOT supersticious... but get the F#&% off of my blog. okay, normal not-my-fiance-readers, you may continue now]

omigod. i am having a nervous breakdown - convulsions and hyperventilating. on friday morning's 'wedding weekend' is launching, with promises of gems such as these yum-azing alexander mqueen [rip.] goddess gowns.

can i do it? can i make this sort of commitment this quickly? we may have to share champagne while shoe shopping, if we don't have the chance for the traditional brides-maids + mother + salon dress shopping extravaganza...