Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just a bite...

a taste of what's to come...

a word from the groom #2: blog feedback.

"i love spooooookloooos! smells like sulfur!!!"

it's great to have a partner in planning.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

inspiration #12: bliss.

so i have been blog-stalking mrs. french for some months now. she is an amazing, beautiful woman who happens to spot the beautiful things in our world that i most appreciate..

she and mr. french work out at my (wonderful) gym, and i couldn't be luckier that they are often there at the same late-morning time slot that i love to frequent.

the frenches happen to be expecting the next lovely (lady!) french, and through one of her recent posts, i stumbled upon her post of photos to this lovely site... which i can't get out of my mind.

i keep talking of a barn. a big party in a big (not too smelly) barn. perhaps this yellow delight of a space is our wedding venue? we'll just have too see what sort of sweet talking the durkin ladies can manage....