Tuesday, February 23, 2010

inspiration #5: sarah seven

i am completely {and totally} enamored with portland designer sarah seven. her work is so lovely. how can you not be totally sucked into the delicate pleats, lovely layers, and shades of not-quite-white? i want to live in the land where her dresses live.

love. love. love.

mom and i ventured out to one of the sites today... it wasn't as exciting as i had hoped. i was eager for the 'this is it!' feeling in my stomach, and it never quite hit... but, speaking of stomachs... we went out to dinner tonight at Meriwether's on NW Vaughn. the restaurant owners also own a farm up on Skyline in PDX, which i visited last month. after dinner, my stomach tells me that the Meriwether's venue ought to stay on the table and in the running. {in case you are wondering, i sipped on a gin/grapefruit concoction complete with house grapefruit bitters, we shared prosciutto, risotto fritters, and shrimp deviled eggs, a beet salad with feta and toasted coconut, and dinner was maine lobster with yummy yummy couscous.}


Monday, February 22, 2010

shoe envy #1

i have shown you work from this photographer already... but this set couldn't be passed up. i have {numerous times} said that my shoes will likely cost more than my dress. well, here is one pair of red-soles that i would not say no to. these shoes are one reason we have to wait until next summer for the big durk-kauf bash... so the interest on my pennies in the shoebox will turn into enough for a trip to the louboutin boutique. get ready to eat hot dogs at the d/k wedding so that k.d. can prance around in these.

also, marilyn and i are going to check out a venue {my current #1} tomorrow at 11:30am. stay tuned.