Friday, March 19, 2010

inspiration #10: theo curl, master event coordinator.

i have found the dream wedding planner. meet theo curl.

theo has a birthday coming up, and i really believe this entrepreneurial event planner. i think he could really bring some great elements to the table.

such as:

horses. yes. i think horses would be SUH-WEET at our wedding.

live music? duh.

pretty dresses. no question.

frozen treats? okay, sounds good, theo!

we already talked about live music, theo! okay. yes. you're right. we should probably have a full band. okay. yes. great!

jumping pictures? they're pretty mainstream anymore, but that doesn't mean i don't TOTALLY dig it.

moustaches! brilliant!

pancakes? you're pushing it, kid... but i'm interested. oh, i guess we're adding one more piece to the band, huh?

mini doughnuts! made by theo!

disguises. i effing love disguises.
and party shirts.

i can't wait for this party. watch out for theo's next big event on page six.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

inspiration #9: oscar fashion 2010

apparently i'm on a dress inspiration kick. funny.

i've heard from a lot of people that they were bored with the color palette of this year's academy awards gowns. i, on the other hand, became giddy over dresses.

here is a smattering of wedding-worthy dresses from this year's event.