Sunday, May 2, 2010

we're in love (with matty g)

here's a smattering of some of my favorite shots from our little engagement sesh with the wonderful matty g. matt is one hell of a guy and an amazing, UH-MAZING photographer. i'd highly recommend working with him to any bride-to-be, or anyone just looking to feel like a rock star and get some super portraits. he can also deadlift WAY more than i can, which is a lot. i like my photographers strong.

i, of course, also have to throw a special shout-out and thank you to the YUM-azing saint cupcake. their cupcakes are the most delicious (and photogenic) cupcakes i've seen (and trust me, i've seen my fair share of cupcakes!) not to mention they have a sweet-ass online store that will ship cupcakes anywhere in the US... AND they have, in se portland, a super fresh party supply shop. THAT, however, is for an entirely different post. oh yeah, and the owner of saint cupcake is the strongest chick i know - and i know some strong ladies. boom.